Land of Masks

Our Digital Identity is at the core of the Trust needed to transact effectively and safely in the Digital World. Accompanied by a multi-disciplinary group of national and international experts, in this Seminar, executives at the forefront of this topic in Mexico, will discuss various aspects related to Digital Identity, in the specific context of Mexico. With a practical emphasis, oriented to its current and future applications in the areas of Open Government, e-Commerce, Financial Sector and Corporate Networks. With the aim of providing a complete picture of what Digital Identity is, what its components are, what tools are at hand to use it and how organizations and individuals benefit from being integrated into a Digital Identity Ecosystem.
Mexico, land of masks. Here we put masks on as a challenge or as a parody, to dance and party. Masks made of wood, leather, mud and cloth. For carnivals, ceremonies, parties and even in the wrestling ring. The Digital World also requires masks that correctly represent our identity and that protect it from those who want to steal it or miss use it. In this Seminar we will seek to create or find those digital masks we need so much.

Digital Identity:

A group of attributes (data) related to an entity: person, organization, application or object. And that represent that entity with one or several communities in Cyberspace. Each entity can also have multiple identities that identify it to different communities. Digital Identity can be a fundamental lever for the political, economic and social development of a society.

Mexico is ready to exploit Digital Identity.

With a high penetration of smart mobile devices and substantial coverage of fixed and mobile broadband lines. In addition to the existence of massive identity credentialing systems: CURP, INE/IFE, FIEL SAT, Passport, etc. Mexico has all the necessary elements to establish an ecosystem of Digital Identity for citizens and consumers, in collaboration between the Public and Private Sector.