General Themes

  • Digital Identity as the basis for Trust in the Digital World.
  • Digital Identity as a facilitator of Online Business.
  • Digital Identity as the basis of Open Government.
  • Digital Identity Ecosystems in the World and application in Mexico.
  • The User and his experience as the center of Digital Identity.
  • Arguments for a Digital Identity ecosystem in Mexico today
  • How can you integrate the INE/IFE credentials, CURP, FIEL SAT, Passport, Driving Licenses, State and Federal credential
  • Impact of Mexican Regulations on Digital Identity Ecosystems > Fintech Law, Data Protection Laws, Identity Theft Bulletin, Condusef Bulletin, Money Laundering Bulletin, CNBV Bulletin.
  • Identity Theft, current situation in Mexico and possible effective technological solutions.
  • Biometrics, latest advances and applications in Mexico
  • Privacy vs. Identity in the time of Facebook and the INE list data breaches.
  • Blockchain and what it can contribute to Digital Identity.

Also, Live debate sessions about...

  • Government vs Private Sector as Identity Providers?
  • Cloud vs On premise Systems for Identity Infrastructure?
  • Identity Schemes: Centralized vs Distributed?
  • Latest trends in Authentication and reduction of "friction" in User Access.
  • Technical Concepts for non-Technical people: Federation, Identity Providers IDPs, Relying Parties RPs, SAML, Blockchain, etc.
  • Anatomy of an attack: Fraudulent impersonation, Account takeover, Social Engineering Phishing / Vishing, Money Laundering.
  • Corporate Networks: Bring Your Own Identity BYOI and bye bye firewalls?
  • Electronic Signatures: FIEL, other options and their potential today.
  • Explicit Consent and the API Economy.
  • Latest trends in Authentication and reduction of "friction" in User Access


Keynotes, Panels and Workshops presented by experts in each subject:

  • Current Situation of Digital Identity in Mexico.
  • Current Digital Identity Ecosystems and their adaptation to Mexico.
  • Legal Aspects of Digital Identity and Electronic Signatures in Mexico.
  • Identity theft, its variants and possible immediate solutions.
  • State-of-the-art Technical Solutions (Blockchain) and its application for Mexico.
  • Vision of the future in the short and medium term of what it can be and provide a Digital Identity Ecosystem in Mexico.

Interactive Roundtables in Unconference format with expert moderators on specific relevant topics for:

  • Financial Sector and Fintech Industries
  • ECommerce sector and public portals
  • Different levels of Government
  • Corporate Networks

Note: Schedules of Sessions to be defined.